The Symbolism of the Five Stones

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The five stones represent a holistic philosophy of health care where a TEAM of interdependent practioners work together to impart healing in our mutual patients.  For far too long, each of us has worked independently within our disciplines, with mixed results, as our patients struggle with chronic pain.

This blog, is a celebration of the coming together of health care practioners of varied backrounds, education and expertise, with one comon goal:  the well being and healing of those who entrust their care to us.  If you have ever had a patient who just didn’t respond to your treatment the way you thought they should, maybe the adjunctive care of an allied health professional is what you need.

If you believe that you can cure all of your patients without any help from anyone else, this blog is NOT for you.

If you are interested in learning more about how other health care disciplines may positively impact the healing of your patients, then you are in the right place.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG, participate in the discussions, add your suggestions for treatment and ask questions.  Welcome to the mutual journey we will take together for the benefit of all of our patients……

THE FIVE STONES (Not in Higherarchical Order)

THE FIRST STONE:  OCCLUSIONThe teeth dominate and the Muscles, TM Joint, Airway and Posture have to accommodate.  When the teeth are not aligned properly and the mandible closes, it can be forced into a retruded position as the upper and lower teeth occlude.  This can initiate a cascade of pathological events….


 THE SECOND STONE:  MUSCLES – When the teeth force the mandible into a retruded position, the muscles of the head and neck that attach to the mandible become torqued.  Muscles which are not Neuromuscularly neutral when at rest will begin to spasm due to poor muscle chemistry.  Patients experience muscle spasms as PAIN.


 THE THIRD STONE:  AIRWAY – A retruded mandible will also bring the tongue to the back of the throat which can cause Airway problems such as Sleep Disordered Breathing, Snoring and Sleep Apnea.  70% off all people with TMJ have Sleep Apnea and 50% of all people with Sleep Apnea have a TM Disorder.  The same anatomical pathology which causes TMJ also causes OSA.  A retruded tongue due to a distalized Mandible has been show to contribute to Forward Head Posture and can cause Descending Postural Disorders.

THE FOURTH STONE:  TM JOINT –  Occlusion which forces the mandible to retrude also causes the Condyle to distalize (go to the back) within it’s Fossa, which can cause Popping and Clicking of the TM Joint.  Internal derangement within the TM Joint is also responsible for many Otic symptoms such as Stuffy Ears, Tinnitus and Vertigo/Balance problems.


THE FIFTH STONE:  POSTURE – Descending Postural Dysfunction occurs when the mandible is not centered below the base of the skull.  Studies by Casey Guzay describe how mandibular position is related to the relationship of C1/C2 within the Upper Cervical Spine.  Changes of Mandibular Position affect Neck Posture and changes of Neck Posture affect Mandibular Position.


The Five Stones…….

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There once was a wise old farmer in Japan who had five sons.  Every Friday he would send them on the 10 mile journey to the market to sell the produce they had grown, and to pick up supplies for the coming week.  One Friday when they were walking home from the market,  they saw five large round stones carefully placed on top of one another, off to the side of the road.

The oldest brother stopped, looked at the tower of stones and said “The bottom stone is the MOST important stone because it must bear the weight of all of the other stones.”

The second oldest brother interupted him, “No, the second from the bottom stone is the MOST important stone.  It must not only balance on top of the bottom stone, it must also bear the weight of the other three stones on top of it.”

Then the third oldest brother chimed in and said that the third stone from the bottom was the most important, the fourth oldest brother insisted that the stone that was fourth from the bottom was the most important, and the youngest brother argued that the top stone MUST be the most important stone because “if it wasn’t balanced correctly, all of the stones would fall down.” 

The five brothers stood on the side of the road arguing with each other until the sun started to go down.  The youngest son suggested that they go home and ask their father which stone was the most important one.  They all agreed that their father was a wise man who knew many things and would surely know which of the five stones was the most important.

When they got home after nightfall, they hurried in to meet their father.  They explained the five stones they saw on the side of the road and each of the brothers got up to passionately argue why their stone should be declared the most important.  When each of the five sons had presented their reasoning to the wise old farmer, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

After several minutes of silence, the father slowly opened his eyes.

“The stones you saw on the side of the road were put there by me.  I knew you would see them on the side of the road on your way home from the market today.  I also knew that you would probably argue about which stone was most important.  I wanted you to learn a valuable lesson.”

When the father stopped speaking, his sons waited in anticipation to find out what possible lesson cold be learned from a pile of stones on the side of the road.

“Each of the stones are equally important” the father said, “their size and shape are perfectly designed for the position into which they are placed.”  The father continued “Together, they represent beauty and strength, yet if any one of the stones is removed, those that remain would tumble to the ground.”

“The lesson I wanted you to learn my sons, was that you are all equally important, and together you form a mighty brotherhood, but if one of you is taken away, you all will suffer……..”